In Stiletto Squad, you have an opportunity to demonstrate your newly acquired skills in an exciting presentation. We cannot wait to see you on the stage and in the spotlight where you belong!


Fall Session - Sept 8 - Nov 16, 2019 (10 weeks including conditioning, rehearsals, and performance)
SHOWDATES - November 15 & 16, 2019

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*For class placement please email


All classes combine a variety of dance styles in heels, while focusing on sensual movements, poise, and strength.  These classes are 16+ and available seasonally

Intro to Heels
New dancer - no previous dance experience, low-medium impact.

Heels 101
Beginner level - some dance experience, low-medium impact.

Heels 1.0
Some heels dance experience, low-medium impact.

Heels 2.0
Comfortable dancing in heels – have previous dance experience, medium-high impact.

Heels 3.0
Experienced heels dancer - fast paced, high impact.

Heels 4.0
Little to no previous dance experience and low impact.
(for those ages 40 and above)

*Accepts Cash and Visa
**No Refunds**